• biogas desulfurization and purification equipment---Details

    The biogas desulfurization and purification equipment developed by Cheng Feng Environmental Technology is currently the most advanced and highest removal technology, targeting hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptan (R-SH), ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), etc. All can achieve a very stable removal rate, guarantee >99% or more, can design a higher removal rate according to customer requirements, hydrogen sulfide(H2S) ensure removal rate over 99%, inlet greater than 5,000ppm, outlet less than 10ppm or lower, all can be designable, 365 days of continuous operation without maintenance, efficiency and stability, water, electricity, the lowest NaOH consumption, volume and construction cost is only 30% of the traditional wet scrubber, effective increase methane concentration 20% at least, efficiency is even higher up to more than five times.